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real life fitness.

    Getting Started    

What Is It All About?


CrossFit FUNCTION is not your typical fitness facility. It's unlike anything you've ever been a part of before.


Our program is built around getting the most carry-over into real life. We want you to be able to carry your groceries, make it through the workday, or play with your grandkids - all those real life activities we sometimes struggle with. 


Through whole body, functional movement and a constantly varied, high intensity structure, our program will keep you addicted and empowered. You will achieve things you never thought possible.


You will become part of a community of like-minded individuals that will push you to do more, and be better. 

How Do I Start?

Foundations: Anyone new to our membership must complete four Foundations classes. These classes are focused on teaching you basic mobility and warm-up techniques, proper lifting mechanics, as well as provide you with scaled intensity workouts. 


These Foundations classes are mandatory prior to joining the group classes. We pride our program on the quality of our coaching. Foundations enables us to teach the information in a safe and effective manner, so you get the most out of your experience with us.


Foundations classes are privately scheduled according to days/times that work best for you and your lifestyle. Please contact us to arrange a time to start with a Coach.

Foundations Pricing: $150+GST for 4 successive sessions




Group Classes





With a 3x/week membership, you may attend three classes per week. You pick the days and the times!



Group Classes & Other Specialty Classes - FREE




Unlimited Memberships will get you access to as many classes per week as you see fit. It also gives you the option of any specialty classes we offer for free (yoga, Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, etc.). 


This membership is the best bargain for the price.


For information regarding our #JuniorAcademy, #OneOnOneAcademy, or #EliteAcademy Programs, please click the links above.

Step One:

Tell us who you are!


Create yourself an account on our MindBody system by clicking HERE. In the top right, click "Sign Me Up!" and enter in all of your information.

You can also download the MindBody Connect app on your smartphone and work through there!


Step Two:

Complete Foundations!


Purchase a Foundations membership via our Online Store. Don't forget to inquire with us when we can privately schedule some sessions!


Complete all required Foundations classes, and then move on to the next step!

Step Three:

Join the Group Workouts!


All of our group workouts can be found on the class schedule. 


Choose which membership you would like to purchase, and reserve your spot in your preferred class each day.


We will see you there!

641 Broadway St W (as of November 4th 2019, across from Deer Park Golf Course)



Box 1658 

Yorkton, SK

S3N 3L2



Tel: 306.782.2161